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Where Can you Get Married?

Updated: May 1, 2020

Where Can you Get Married?

“Do you have to marry at a licensed venue and officiated by a registrar?”

Quite simply, no! You have choices, lots of them. It is 'your' day after all.

You can have your ceremony at the place of your choosing:

In a vineyard

On a beach

By a lake

In a field

In a garden

On a golf course

On a football pitch

In your local Public House

In a tipi

In a marquee

Up a mountain

In a fairground

On a boat/yacht

At a event

At a festival

At a glamping site

On a farm

In the grounds of a hotel

In the grounds of a mansion or manor house

In fact, anywhere!

*Please note that the 'moon' may no be realistic as a venue... yet!

Were you aware that if you have chosen a 'licensed' venue and wish to continue with this, you can choose between a Registrar or a Celebrant to officiate your ceremony. Yet more choices and options!

'Your Day, Your Ceremony, Your Way!'



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