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Choice of Rituals and Symbols

Symbols or rituals can be added to your ceremony to represent the love, commitment and promises made.

You may wish to include one of the following:

  • Handfasting Ceremony

  • Sand Ceremony

  • Unity Candle Ceremony

  • Crowning Ceremony

  • Salt Ceremony

  • Cocktail Making and Sharing

  • Warming of the Rings Ceremony

  • Jumping the Broom Ceremony

  • Wine Ceremony

  • Unity Tree Planting Ceremony

  • Unity Art Ceremony

  • Cake and Ale Ceremony

  • Quaich or 'Loving Cup' Ceremony

  • Tying the Knot Ceremony

  • Handtying Ceremony

  • Warming of the Rings Ceremony

  • A Time Capsule Ceremony

  • Cleansing with Water Ceremony - feet or hands

  • Exchanging Chairs Ceremony

  • Art Paint Blending Unity Ceremony

  • Drink Blending Ceremony

  • Water Blending Ceremony

  • Flower Ceremony

  • Maypole Unity Ceremony

  • Create a Reaction Chemical Unity ceremony

Or you may wish to design a bespoke way to symbolise your love, unity or commitment to each other.

Check out my blogs to find out more about these rituals and their symbolism!​

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