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Perfect Partners

Heterosexual and same sex couples can celebrate their equal and committed relationship in a befitting modern civil partnership ceremony. A recognition of their love, commitment, support and equal partnership. From January 2020, in both England and Wales, all couples can access this choice and freedom to celebrate 'your day, your ceremony, your way', no longer restricted to a 'wedding' ceremony. 

Civil Partnership Ceremony package includes:

Initial consultation

Access to readings and poems

Individually crafted ceremony scripting

Review and revision of script

Contact throughout process

Professional consultancy on designing your bespoke ceremony

Your Civil Partnership ceremony officiated by your personal Celebrant

Civil Partnership Ceremonies (U.K. Based)*

 *Price dependent upon additional expenses such as:

extra ceremonial elements, certificate requirement, extra face-to-face or ZOOM meetings, rehearsal request, also the location, accommodation and travel time required.

Civil Partnership Ceremony: Service
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