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What if you could plan your perfect ceremony? With 'DMG Ceremonies' you can!

So where do you start?

Well with a Celebrant led ceremony you can literally start with a blank page or canvas.

Why so many choices?

An independent Celebrant is not constrained by the same legal requirements of a Registrar.

What choices can you have?

In truth, any!

Your venue

Your time of day

Your theme

Your wording

Your vows

Your readings

Your music

Your union and symbols

Who you include

How you include them

How and where you enter and leave and with whom

In fact if you wish to dance your way down a circular aisle or be greeted with a rose form each person as you pass, you can!

With a rites of passage such as a wedding or naming ceremony, many people are not aware of the options and 'control' that you have over them. You do not have to have a one size fits all or an 'off the peg' ceremony, many have already had before you.

Are you someone who like to personalise and reflect who you are?

How many brides 'customise' their dress for their day? How many design their own invites or have their own colour scheme? How many pick their own transport and the venue. Well you can have the same level of choice and individuality at your ceremony too! Your ceremony can have true meaning and not just the part to get over and done with before the party and celebrating begins! Make the ceremony just as fun, enjoyable and memorable as the rest of your day and evening.

Check out this video to learn more:

Get in touch to have a chat and start designing your perfect and meaningful ceremony!

'Your Day, Your Ceremony, Your Way!'

Donna x

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