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DMG Online Ceremonies -Why choose an 'online' ceremony?

DMG Online Ceremonies

Why choose an 'Online' Ceremony?

Choices for the celebration of love and commitment are now even broader with DMG Online Ceremonies, whether designed as 'the' ceremony or as a commitment ceremony as a 'prelude' to the postponed 'real' ceremony.

Why would clients decide to have an 'online ceremony'?

  • The internet opens up so many new opportunities to engage with 'guests' who would normally be unable to attend, perhaps due to a new 'date' that they cannot attend, or due to distance, illness, work or 'lock-down'.

  • If you have to 'post-pone' your original ceremony, you may go 'online' to celebrate your original date with a 'mark the date' ceremony.

  • Some clients are going online to 'get wed' or to have a 'commitment ceremony' and then continuing to plan for the 'sequel' wedding celebration after lock-down.

  • Couples may wish to get wed sooner than 'lock-down' will permit, perhaps due to pregnancy, illness or a re-evaluation of what their love and commitment mean to each other, living in the here and now rather than 'waiting'.

  • Couples can celebrate their love and commitment intimately or with family and friends, both near and far.

  • The anticipation, excitement and planning continues, it may even 'double' if you chose a 'sequel ceremony' and celebration at a later date.

  • The original venues, Registrars or other suppliers may not be able to accommodate your original date or a suitable future date, due to post-postponement demand.

  • It may be the way the clients 'connect' with each other, with their online community and expresses their modern lifestyle.

  • Some clients may wish to 'scale back' on their wedding ceremony.

  • With camera phones and WiFi (permitting) clients can take their 'virtual ceremony' where they wish to.

  • With software such as 'Zoom' (others are available!) clients can change their background to their favourite place, a beach, a lavender field, a rainbow sky or even their football stadium. Clients can take a 'theme' to the next level!

  • Other clients prefer the option to have their ceremony in familiar surroundings, at home or in the garden.

Would you consider an 'online ceremony' for your wedding, civil partnership, commitment, vow renewal or naming ceremony? If you have any questions or wish to discuss any ideas further, get in touch. DMG Ceremonies will advise, support, design and officiate at your special ceremony, whether 'in-person' or 'online', with lighting, outfits, backdrop, personalised vows/wording, music, readings and guest lists.

'Your Day, Your Ceremony, Your Way' - Now online too!



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