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Has your Child's Christening been Postponed or Cancelled?

Updated: May 1

Has your Child's Christening been Postponed or Cancelled?

Have you, or someone you know, received a call or email to say your child's 'Christening' or 'Dedication' is cancelled? Have you had a new born and wish to celebrate their beautiful new life? Have you been unable to 'celebrate' the birth of your precious newborn?

All is NOT lost, it doesn't have to be over. There is hope and a way you can still go have a celebratory ceremony!

Your feeling of frustration of not being able to celebrate their new life can be alleviated and turned around.

All the time spent planning, all those feelings of excitement and anticipation are NOT lost. You can still celebrate and have a ceremony.

How, you may well ask? There are options! You can still have a Celebrant led naming ceremony.

You are still able to celebrate the most wonderful new life and new addition to your family!



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