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Hands Up... Who Doesn't Know What a 'Celebrant' is?

Hands Up...

Who Doesn't Know What a 'Celebrant' is?

Well guess what, my hands were originally up in the air too!

I personally did not know what a 'Celebrant' was either!

There are lots of people who are unaware of what a 'Celebrant' 'is' or 'does'.

So what, you may ask, is a 'Celebrant'?

A Celebrant is a self-employed independent professional ceremony script creator and officiant on the day. Celebrants work with clients to create and conduct a totally bespoke ceremony, just for them. They have a 'blank page' or totally 'blank canvas' to create their dream ceremony vision, with the clients always at the center and focal point.

A Celebrant collaborates with clients to create the whole ceremony, from start to finish, from blank canvas to a beautifully produced script. The staging, the layout, the entrances, the music, the readings, the poetry, any personal words or stories, any rituals or customs, any unity ceremonies, any themes, any poignant memories and often many humorous recounts too! In fact, whatever is befitting to the clients' journey, celebration, love and commitment.

There are many types of ceremonies that Celebrants can design, write and officiate including:

Commitment Ceremonies

Destination/Elopement Ceremonies

Elopement Celebration Ceremonies (for your party back home)

Blessing Ceremonies

There may be other significant 'rites of passages' or 'milestones' that you wish to be celebrated and commemorated. At DMG Ceremonies, we are open to suggestions and relish a new ceremony challenge.

So Why Would Clients Decide to Have a Celebrant Led Ceremony?

A Celebrant led ceremony offers so many more personalised options for their ceremony.

One of the many benefits of a Celebrant led ceremony is that the clients are able have a totally exclusive, handwritten, scripted ceremony, one that no one else will have. Clients have a meaningful, individually designed ceremony. Half of the fun is getting to know the client(s) during the collaboration. Couple's questionnaires can be extremely revealing and interesting and provide lots of material to include. DMG's ceremonies are not the usual 'off the peg' or 'one size fits all' ceremony, unfortunately these may be impersonal and easily forgotten. Instead, the guests will be commenting, reminiscing for years to come with those special lasting memories.

Celebrants pride themselves on their passion, connection with the clients and the honour of creating a ceremony which the couple truly deserve, one centered on them, rather than having a set format and wording. Every client is different so every ceremony should be too. With DMG ceremonies they are!

'Your Day, Your Ceremony, Your Way!'



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